In the name of JESUS CHRIST. Nothing will threaten your peace.Nothing will break your heart.Nothing will steal your joy. Nothing will take away all what you have gathered and your achievement . Nothing will deflate your faith. Nothing evil will happen to you and your loved ones as you are covered in the blood of Jesus Christ. God shall be your shield and protect you and mark you and your family out of danger and untimely death at all times. You will never sow your seed for any other person to enjoy will enjoy the full blessings of God in good health as I command now that every seeds of satan and sickness in your body be removed right now and go back to hell in the name of Jesus Christ. Experience good health and sound and brilliant health right now with peace of mind that can never be bought with money. Let the beauty of heaven come upon you as the Almighty God turn all your good hope to reality with clothes of divine favour and upliftments beyond human imagination . God will give you that great Idea that will make you great as He gives you the ability to carry it out for success.